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  • @DaveWave94
    24 months ago

    SOTD 28.01.2024

    • Prep: warm water
    • Razor: RazoRock Gamechanger 0.84 OC; Wilkinson Eco disposable
    • Blade: BIC Chrome Platinum; disposable
    • Brush: RazoRock Beehive 28 mm
    • Lather: Declaration Grooming - Unscented soap
    • Post Shave: Thayers Cucumber facial mist; Natura Siberica ASB gel
    • Fragrance: Bentley for Men Intense EdP

    Late AF experimental head shave. I wanted to test how nicely the disposable razors from recycled materials work for head shaving, I actually got them for travel and body shaving.

    First pass WTG with the Gamechanger, smooth as usual with a fresh BIC. Second ATG with the disposable… It wasn’t bad, but not really exceptional either. I guess I’ll always prefer safety razors, but for short trips it’s a good travel option that wouldn’t hurt to lose.

    Notino now stocks Thayers, a great thing for me. The facial mist also works great for applying it on the dome.

    The other thing I got was this Bentley EdP. It’s a nice masculine fragrance, slightly similar to Bay Rum but a bit more suited for everyday wear. It’s definitely different than the usual mainstream scents of Sauvage, 1 Million and Le Male and I totally appreciate it for that. Not a sillage bomb or performance beast, but nice for work or everyday activities.