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  • Ulrik did a razor exclusive for Saponificio Varesino so he’s done it before.

    So did TI, they’re both gorgeous!

    How many would buy a r/wetshaving straight do you think?

    Excellent question. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, and it’s a lot pricier than the Moar Boar 🤔

  • Christmas in July, but in June

    • Brush: Bite of Mammoth – Victor Hyggo
    • Razor: Henkotsu #KAMISORI #STR8SNOB
    • Lather: House of Mammoth – Santa Noir
    • Post Shave: Barrister and Mann – Dickens, Revisited
    • Fragrance: House of Mammoth – Santa Noir

    Today I’m using HoM, which means that it’s a great opportunity to buts out Victor Hyggo, the French philosopher Mammoth brush.

    Theme: Santa Noir is so on theme that the logo wears a Santa hat. I doubt that it’s physically possible to be more on theme.

    Relevant post and frag, Dickens is also totally winter themed with the splash bottle art depicting a snowball fight and the soap art depicting a couple on a joy ride on a horse-drawn sleigh.

    Challenge: The Kamisori form factor is my least practised type of open blade, so I thought it appropriate mitigate risks and protect myself by wearing a helmet for this shave. unfortunately there is no good way to keep lather from messing up the chin strap even when it’s dangling. shaking fist angrily at clouds

  • Christmas in July, but in June’s Eve

    • Brush: Dogclaration LG 2022 Mystery Brush (B16)
    • Razor: Wardonia Possibly a “Rugby Set”
    • Blade: Personna Platinum
    • Lather: Eleven Shaving Blue Spruce
    • Post Shave: PannaCrema Nero
    • Fragrance: Spearhead Shaving Company Seaforth! 3 Scots

    Christmas Eve! This sub is so damn generous that I had lots of choice today ♥

    Theme: All around great guy and Chief Podcast Djustice u/OnionMiasma has a 100% participation rate so far in this year’s Lather Games. Thank you for letting me try this soap from a new-to-me soaper, Onion!

    Relevant post & frag (and razor, and brush…): Everything in this shave was received with no exchange of currency involved from someone who is involved in the games in some way: The post shave was a gift from u/VisceralWatch, my friend and one of the two wettubers I follow. He donates his time as a Lather Games Djudge and Podcast Guest Djustice. The razor is from my friend u/Semaj3000, who gave me this piece of Sheffield history and serves as a Djudge in the SOTD Photo Scavenger Hunt. The brush was my prize from u/declarationgrooming after I OnionMiasmaed the 2022 Lather Games, and 3 Scots was a PIF from u/Ironbeard_SYS, both of which are sponsors in this year’s games.

    Challenge: I’d love a sub exclusive straight razor from Ulrik of Koraat. A big full hollow 7/8 with blacksmith finish and MOAR BOAR-green scales. (Think Sparschweinchen, but full hollow).

  • Sweet Sunday

    • Brush: Zenith 506B MB (27 mm × 51 mm Manchurian badger)
    • Razor: Zwilling J. A. Henckels Friodur 14 (8/8", extra hollow ground, stainless steel) #STR8SNOB
    • Lather: Summer Break Soaps – Teacher’s Pet
    • Post Shave: Southern Witchcrafts – Pomona
    • Fragrance: Stirling Soap Co. – Sweet Stuff

    Theme: Teacher’s pet is red apple with brown sugar. It smells sweet and yummy and happy.

    I’m sad it’s been discontinued, but luckily Braeburn scratches the same itch.

    Relevant post and frag: Pomona is another sweet apple scent, and finally Sweet Stuff is here to dial the sweetness to 11.

    Challenge: This was the perfect opportunity to try my new-to-me rubber lather catcher thingy that barbers use to wipe lather from the blade without running water. (My preferred kitchen shave spot is an the kitchen table, not the sink])

  • djundjilaOPMAtoWetShavingMoar Badger
    2 days ago

    I’ve had the same reaction, but several discord members swear that the epoxy softenes significantly when steamed.

    Significantly, the group includes Rob from Chisel and Hound who knows better than me 😅

  • djundjilaOPMAtoWetShavingMoar Badger
    3 days ago

    Thanks! I love how it turned out. Super enjoyable brush.

    I didn’t try the steam method because I was worried about damaging the handle. I think it’s also some kind of epoxy, so I wasn’t sure the glue would soften more than the handle😅

    And I had no reason to try to keep the knot alive, so trying the mill route seemed like the smaller risk

  • Spooky Season

    • Brush: Zenith r/Wetshaving exclusive MOAR BADGER (Silvertip) #SUBBROOSH
    • Razor: Wolfman WR2 (1.55 mm SB / 1.25 mm OC)
    • Blade: Polsilver
    • Lather: Southern Witchcrafts – Autumn Ash
    • Post Shave: Southern Witchcrafts – Autumn Ash
    • Fragrance: Southern Witchcrafts – Autumn Ash

    Challenge: the spookiest fruit of this sub is obviously the Boonana (thanks to today’s sponsor, SW), so have a razorfin boonanashark (razorcut).

    Theme, relevant post and frag: It’s right there in the name.

    The MOAR BADGER is the biggest badger I’ve ever tried, and while being comically large, it’s super fun to use. Just a giant lather pillow with soft, soft tips. So nice.

  • djundjilaMAtoWetShavingFriday SOTD Thread - June 21st, 2024
    4 days ago

    Fougère Friday, Science with Fuck Part 2

    • Brush: Zenith r/Wetshaving exclusive prototype MOAR BADGER (31 mm × 57 mm silvertip 🦡) #SUBBROOSH
    • Razor: Böker Abalone
    • Lather: Stirling Soap Co – Varen
    • Post Shave: Stirling Soap Co – Varen
    • Extra Post Shave: Barrister and Mann – Beaudelaire
    • Fragrance: Stirling Soap Co – Varen

    Subtracting scents, part two, I try to compare,
    Dirty Beaudelaire and a dank green Fougère,
    Isolate Mousse de Saxe,
    Chalzone showed the facts,
    Green fades, Mousse de Saxe darkness stays in the air.

    (If you’re a French speaker, forgive me for rhyming Saxe with facts, I have no excuse other than poetic incompetence.)

  • djundjilaOPMAtoWetShavingMoar Badger
    4 days ago

    Thanks! I’ll gladly take you up on your offer! Please let me know how much I owe you in shipping!

    If you don’t want a brush in exchange, can I gift you a software in exchange?

  • sUnNy DaYs and New Discoveries by Indiana Djundj

    • Brush: Zenith r/Wetshaving exclusive prototype MOAR BADGER (31 mm × 57 mm silvertip 🦡) #SUBBROOSH
    • Razor: Henson Shaving AL13 (mild)
    • Blade: RK Stainless Double Edge Blades
    • Lather: Wholly Kaw – Iced Tea
    • Post Shave: Mammoth – Iced Tea
    • Fragrance: Acqua di Parma – Blu Mediterraneo Mirto di Panarea

    Some of you might remember my alter ego Indiana Djundj from back when we had real conspiracies haunting our sub, not seemingly manufactured ones like the canine ballplayer cult apparently based on poor reading comprehension of its founder. Indy’s adventures disrupted the evil plans of the Order of the Midnight Animals a few years ago and saved wetshavedom from full enthralment every August ever since. (Part 1, part 2, and part 3 for the curious, but not material to today’s goings on.)

    A year later, u/Merikus started slandering me/Indiana Djundj, and at the time I struggled understanding why. Until a mysterious u/sukireM made an appearance in the fourth episode of that canine cult podcast yet a year later and was eventually identified as u/Merikus (!), obviously an agent of the Order who has managed to infiltrate the Djudicial Forces for Good. Only then did I understand that u/Cowzilla3 and u/Merikus have been part the evil terrorist Midnight Animal Order for all this time! It’s the old terrifying foe in a new disguise attempting to subjugate all of wetshavedom again for the month of August.

    In the meanwhile I have been investigating the claims of The Cult (this second generation of the Order of the Midnight Animals), starting with the so-called Cabal hoping to find hints of what they are planning. The fact that u/Merikus had infiltrated it must mean that the Subbrush Organising Committee is viewed as part of the Cabal and a valuable target for The Cult. While I haven’t been able to find a smoking gun, I have found evidence of early secret plans of making a badger sub brush, and I even found an early prototype. Some of you might remember that Project MOAR BOAR was active just about the time when u/Merikus ran a podcast where he propagandised the benefits of badger brushes (specifically B14) on a biweekly rhythm. I conclude that The Cult had reason to influence the sub towards a badger brush, so there must be a link between badgers and other Midnight animals. I will keep investigating.

    To the shave:

    So, a sunny day is not in the cards today. What started as just a rainy day turned into a day with flood warnings. Luckily I happened to be in my alter ego role which means I have a protective hat for a shave in the rain. So I packed my gear in a waterproof bag, waited for a moment of lower rain intensity, hopped on the mobile archaeology lab and drove to my favourite outdoor shaving spot. Usually there’s a beautiful view onto the French alps from there, not today. I caught a quick rain shower just after setting up, but then I could start. The prototype MOAR BADGER seems to be not broken in and was quite the lather hog, but eventually I got a decent lather and got a nice shave. At this point I realised that I had packed the wrong AdP Blu Mediterraneo frag (the bottles look practically identical), so I waited to get back home before applying the correct frag.

    Theme: Beach, cold drinks, citrus, and cooling agent? It doesn’t get much more summer than that.

    Relevant post and frag: Myrtle is indigenous to the Mediterranean region, which I strongly associate with summer vacation.

    Challenge: documented photographically.