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  • djundjilaMA
    1 month ago

    Canned Shave Goop

    • Brush: Omega - 11047 Mixed Midget Badger and Boar #MISTURA
    • Razor: Merkur - Futur #ZAMAC
    • Blade: Derby Premium
    • Lather: Palmolive - Classic
    • Post Shave: Pitralon - Swiss version
    • Fragrance: Mäurer & Wirtz - Tabac Original Craftsman
    • Bowl: Shaving Suribachi Bowl Teak by Steve Woodhead

    Theme and post+frag relevance: The Palmolive stick is from a clearance sale at the nearest pharmacy three years ago. Pitralon and and Craftsman are from the two nearest department stores. All software on is theme.

    Challenge: I normally face rub and face lather shaving sticks, so today I bowl rubbed and bowl lathered it. The rough kushi-no-me pattern in my suribachi bowl makes this a breeze, so I have accidentally found a very functional, albeit entirely unnecessary, method of shave stick usage. u/Merikus should extend the GUTL, there is new science on the matter, and 27 steps are no longer sufficient.

    The mixed midget did its thing. Really a surprisingly good toy sized brush. I had a fantastic BBS shave with the Futur on level 5 (for the fifth day of LG). This loud, chattery SOB is big, slippery, and its blade clamp mechanism is a mere suggestion to the blade not to wander off too far. My point is that it has no business giving me good shaves, but there it is.

    #photocontest: u/pppork sent me these handy razor head protector chickens, perfect for the bird theme.