Hi everybody,

so we are planning to do a (monthly, but pausing in August) community shave! We collectively choose a soap, and on D-day, everybody uses the same soap for their SOTD.

We need to know several things:

  • Who would be interested in participating? If you would like to join, respond to this message by including “I’m in!”
  • When will we do it? It would be best to choose a Wednesday, Saturday, or Sunday, to avoid clashing with the reddit theme days, and it would be easier to organize if we could avoid the beginning of July. Furthermore, it would be probably best to fix it once and for all (something like third Wednesday or last Sunday of the month). Opinions?
  • Finally, we need to agree on a soap. I don’t know how to poll this (I know you can do a poll on Mastodon, not sure about lemmy). The idea would be: everybody who participates nominates a soap, and if that soap is picked, that person agrees to send out smushes to everyone who doesn’t have the soap. In order to be on the safe side, we probably would want to have the soap picked three weeks before the chosen date.

There are surely things that I have forgotten. Any ideas, questions?

  • DaveWave94
    1 month ago

    I’ve got zero reservations about that. Soap is antibacterial by itself and since most in the hobby care better for their soap than anything else - I wouldn’t be afraid about any germs.