Anything fun or exciting going on in your life?

  • DaveWave94
    15 days ago

    Well, I have a long period of vacation time ahead of me after working the early shift this weekend. Retrainees at my current workplace get their vacation days not for the entire year, but from school year to school year… So I had to take 3 weeks before August to use up my remaining days. I barely worked at my new job due to nursing school and the long internship, but I already became familiar with the routines at work and the whole team accepts me more. Kinda nice.

    As for more serious matters, my grandmother is still alive but barely (according to my mum). After her most recent hospitalisation, she can’t leave the bed anymore, can only speak short sentences in a whispering tone and is unable to hold eye contact for more than a few seconds (if she opens her eyes at all). Nobody knows how long the process will take but due to my experiences in my field of work, I dread that it’ll be long and drawn out. I intend to visit her again but my mental health is a bit strained due to these circumstances…