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  • gcgallant
    34 months ago

    January 28, 2024

    • Brush: Elite Razor Neo-resinate 26mm Mother Lode

    • Razor: Gillette Tech English Flat Bottom

    • Blade: My-Blades (6)

    • Lather: London Razors - Coffee & Contemplation - Soap

    • Toner: Thayers - Cucumber - Toner

    • Aftershave: Barrister and Mann - Leviathan - Aftershave

    • Talc: Yardley Gold
      2 passes. Face lather. Excellent shave.

    Much of today’s shave comes courtesy of u/VisceralWatch. At different times, he has gifted me the soap, the razor and a tuck of these razor blades. Thank you sir!

    The scent on C&C is a deep, rich coffee with a touch of cream in it that gives off a hint of unsweetened chocolate. I love it, and it pairs very well with Leviathan; but, then, really, what doesn’t. Great soap base (thanks SBS), and great scent.

    I have a small but reasonable vintage DE collection. Not really a bad razor in it, but the English Flat Bottomed Tech always surprises me with how comfortable and natural it feels in-hand. It’s this, and whinging about the weather, that make me an anglophile.

    • waldenOPMA
      24 months ago

      Anglophile is a new word for me. I also tend to enjoy English things. Some of my favorite bands and TV shows are British.

      • gcgallant
        24 months ago

        Some of my favorite bands and TV shows are British.

        That’s true for me as well.