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  • gcgallant
    1 month ago

    June 5, 2024

    • Brush: AP Shave Co Strawberry Cream 26mm G5A
    • Razor: Edwin Jagger 3One6 Grooved Blue
    • Blade: Personna Platinum (6)
    • Lather: Cremo - Palo Santo - Cream
    • Post Shave: Combe Inc. - Aqua Velva Classic Ice Blue - Aftershave
    • Post Shave: Thayers - Rose - Toner
    • Fragrance: Imaginary Authors - Whispered Myths - Eau de Parfum
    • Talc: Pinaud Clubman Finest Powder

    I purchased this Cremo at a local drug store two years ago for the Lather Games and I have only used it in the Lather Games. Since I normally face lather, I bowl lathered the Cremo today. Terrible lather. It was very foamy, but I was able to make it work. Other than that, it was a very nice shave.

    Whispered Myths has notes of oud, cantaloupe, cedarwood, muskdana, honey, and salvaged shipwreck. I live by the Chesapeake Bay and, by far, this is the best smelling shipwreck I’ve encountered.