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  • djundjilaMA
    1 month ago

    Happy Together

    • Brush: Dogwood Handcrafts - Papa Eld with Declaration Grooming B3 knot #SHD
    • Razor: Blackland Razors - Vector #CNC
    • Blade: Feather Professional
    • Lather: Declaration Grooming - Cerberus
    • Post Shave: Noble Otter - Cerberus
    • Fragrance: House of Mammoth - Cerberus

    There was an “Artisan Appreciation” Theme Thursday on January 11 this year (“Use as many artisan and/or collab products as possible. Both software and hardware encouraged.”) and maybe I should have copied my setup from then which featured a total of 12 collaborating artisans, but I’ve done that already and instead this is my first trickhole shave of the games. I’m glad I did it. Cerberus is simply fantastic and I can’t tire of it. It’s also the symbol of collaboration within our sub with three of our favourite artisans working on it together.

    The hardware isn’t a collaboration, but me being able to use it is a result of team work:

    The razor is a loan from, and I’m impressed with this stunningly elegant razor. Thanks for loaning it to me! The first shave with it was a breeze and I got a comfortable 3-pass shave in. So nice. I’m looking forward to comparing it to the Hawk V3 on loan from u/Wallygator88.

    The brush was originally bought by u/VisceralWatch, then sold to u/EldrormR who loaned and later sold it to me.

    For today’s challenge, I hate to do this to you, but thanks to Djunior, the song stuck in my head, the only song I can think of today is this abomination.