This offer is for those who want to take on one, or more, of the straight razor challenges for Austere August. If you are hesitant to participate because your straight isn’t shaving well, and you don’t want to hone it yourself, or, if you just want someone else to hone your razor, I’ll be happy to do it for you – for free. (But, I don’t charge members anyway.) And, I’ll even cover some, or all of your return postage.

This offer is for razor honing only. I don’t do razor restoration or repair other than for myself. I’m certain that there is time between now and August for a package to make a round-trip through the US Postal Service in CONUS. If you live elsewhere, just PM me and we can discuss it.

If you’re interested in this, please PM me or contact me via Matrix to work out details.

I should add that you can have your choice of finish: synthetic, coticule, Black Arkansas, Black Shadow (a French slate), or Japanese Natural stone. For stainless razors, because of the added chromium in the steel, the safe bet is a synthetic edge.

  • waldenMA
    8 days ago

    That’s a very generous offer. It almost makes me wish I had a straight razor.