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  • gcgallant
    2 months ago

    June 4, 2024

    • Brush: AP Shave Co Lemondrop 28mm SynBad
    • Razor: Gillette Slim Aristocrat H4 (setting: 7)
    • Blade: Personna Platinum (5)
    • Lather: Wholly Kaw - Peach Karma - Cream
    • Post Shave: Ariana & Evans - Peach & Cognac - Aftershave
    • Post Shave: Thayers - Lemon - Toner
    • Fragrance: Zaharoff Curly Scents - Of the Immortals - Eau de Parfum
    • Talc: Yardley Classic

    I’m a big fan of Wholly Kaw. I think Sri does a great job of coming up with soap bases and scents [Entropy Man?!] . The vegan base used for Peach Karma is velvety and super slick, and the post-shave feel is gentle and nourished. Well done!

    The height of the soap-base wars occurred before I became interested in wetshaving. In recent memory, I think that the Spearhead 20.1 base didn’t need to go. It could easily live alongside the Highland base. And, back to Wholly Kaw, for the moment it appears that the Siero base (which I quite like), is produced in parallel with the newer, and also great, Crème Fraîche base. I suspect that Crème Fraîche will supercede Siero, though, which I think would be a shame. Thankfully, I have a lot of soap in both bases.