It’s the only safely razor I’ve ever used and it has proprietary blades. I wondering how they compare to other blades and if it would be in my interest to switch to a different razor. I know some people are going to say go Feather or go home but what about other available options?

  • PorkButtsNTaters666
    1 month ago

    Pinging and who know this kind of stuff much better.

    Like, I haven’t used injectors or injector blades myself, but I know Artist Club (AC) blades, which seem to be longer versions of injectors.

    If you are interested in exploring other types of razors, the double edge (DE) safety razor is probably the platform with the most choice, both in razors and in blades. Since the blade format is not proprietary, you have a big choice of blades, far beyond what you would have with AC blades (not to speak of GEM razors), and individual blades also tend to be cheaper than for alternative types of razors (last time I checked, you could get 100 blades for less than 10€). Good entry level razors can be had for as little as 20€, so if you have that money to spare and feel adventurous, I would encourage you to go for it.

    As to Feather, I am personally not a huge fan of their blades (again: I know only their DE and AC blades): they feel rather harsh to my skin, even the ones supposed to be less sharp. I prefer other brands – even though in the AC market, there is not much alternative (but there is Kai, which I tend to use). I have the impression that Feather is supposed to be the sharpest blade, and thus the bestest; but all blades are sharp enough to shave with.